USA and the coming terror.

But let me get to what the Lord is showing me. I lay before Him on my face a couple of Tuesdays ago to find out what the Holy Spirit is saying and he gave me the following.

The USA is under TEKEL. You will remember the words written on the wall at Daniels time. This word means found in the scale and balance and found wanting. To show judgment is taking place there are certain signs the Lord has given us. Remember also apart from South Africa, the USA is the only other nation that was founded on the basis of people pursuing their individual freedom to enjoy and to express their faith in the Lord Jesus. They are Gods people and judgment always begins with Gods people or nation.

Jeremiah 14: V 12 tells us:
But I will consume them by the SWORD, and by the FAMINE, and by the PESTILENCE.
So a sign of judgment is FAMINE: At this very moment the food growing areas in the mid-west are suffering a shortage of water and in many cases a drought for the first time in 50 years. When the Lord wants our attention he withholds the things we need. An abundance of water is one of them. It is amazing to me, for all the thousands of churches in these areas, none have called as of yet, for a day of repentance and prayer for rain.
Another sign of judgment is PESTILENCE: I have never seen such a sick and obese people as the folk here. But they prophesy death and disease over themselves daily. Every time the put on the TV and some drug company is pushing a product; 15 seconds is for the benefit of the product, 45 seconds is about all the negatives such as Kidney failure, depression, liver problems, heart attacks, and numerous amounts of side effects that might be experienced, if they take the product. So they have this constant disease and sickness proclaimed, declared and prophesied in their homes all day long. I have been appealing to them to get these sickness generating ads banned from the TV. I have been told the TV stations cannot function without these ads being aired because it is big money going to the studios. So for big money the TV networks keep the American population as sick as they can by the proclamation and declaration of sickness in their own homes.
Let’s talk about the SWORD. Violence is on their TV’s constantly. Libya and Benghazi has been on every day since I arrived. The poor Americans are caught in a war they should have been free of a long time ago. In fact the violence is so bad that the Afghan soldiers that they are training are shooting their American instructors in the back. I have no doubt that as time goes by if there is not a major change here they will see lots more violence in the city streets of the USA.

The question is why, judgment? The problem is the present administration. They have an administration who rules by intimidation and decree. Things they do are shocking. They have lied to the public, have made promises they don’t keep and are trying to turn the country into a multi religious society where they favor Islam and all kinds of other idolatrous religions. Our Heavenly Father is angry that they have taken a Christian constitution and tried to twist it and turn it into a secular doctrine ignoring the Lord who formed this nation. Abortion is on demand and the Homosexual community has become extremely aggressive and malicious. This rebellion and sin rises up as a foul stench before the Lord, who is holy in all His ways. The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are here in the USA. I will say one positive thing about this administration though: it seems Obama has done the Christians a favor, by bringing them together in their opposition to his administration.

In order for this nation to survive they have to vote them out.
Their vote will determine either a high road or a low road.

The Low Road’ has come after this current administration continues in office after November 2012.

This low road will consist of the following. There will be TRIBULATIONS. Great natural disasters will occur. Floods, twisters, hurricanes, earth quakes etc. Nature itself will rebel against its own order, to show its displeasure with what is happening in the USA. It will cost billions of dollars which the Americans don’t have, to repair and fix the damage.
There will be TRIALS. The base word for trials is ‘lack of’. That means never having enough. The economy will collapse. The stock market will go on a slippery slide to poverty.
There will be shortages of food and resources. Homes will once again be repossessed and people will find themselves without work and so they will not be able to put bacon on the table. The schools will lack resources and the young people will not get the education that they need to survive in the future world. There will be a shortage of new developments and products and this will cause a job creation to fail. New finance will cease to flow into the USA.
There will be TEMPTATIONS. When Jesus was asked to turn stones into bread he was being asked to accept and exercise a fake life purpose. Like the magicians of Egypt he would have done the miraculous outside the Fathers will but according to Satan’s demand. There will be a temptation for the American people to live a lie and to not accept the real thing or their real purpose as a nation.
There will be an attempt to destroy Gods purpose for the American people. If Jesus had jumped his body would have splattered at the bottom of the temple and he would never have been able to fulfill the plan the Father had for him. The American people will be tempted to destroy all that relates to Jesus and his will for their lives and the destiny of their nation.
There will be an attempt to cause the people of this great country to become obsessed with false religion and cults. Like to devil demanded Jesus bow to him to receive the Kingdoms of the world, so will Satan tempt America with the promise of wealth and fame, if they will just embrace the religious movements of which Satan is in control. We know who these are.
I saw two Angels in a dream shouting at each other these words.
‘They are separating they are pulling apart!!”
When I asked the Lord what that means He told me if the rulers in the USA carry on the way they are, He will ensure the nation tears apart and falls into two countries. The Lord will dissipate and weaken the power in Washington and we will see this great nation being torn in two. The righteous right and then the licentious left. If they push Israel to be divided, then what the administration will sow they will reap, America will become two countries in one continent and Washington will lose its executive powers.
I weep for America but I believe if the people of God will stand up and call for the country to turn back to the Lord he will deliver them and save them from the terrors both natural and man made that are to come.