Trump Vs Obama Political Coup

rump vs Obama Political Coup

Donald Trump 1Obama1 As you all know I have an anointing for the USA and feel I have been called to impart to this nation under siege what the Lord has been showing me. I have tried to be faithful to that calling since 2006 and have been to Charlotte 8 or 9 times to share what the Lord is showing me about the USA. Last year he showed me the three judgments: Violence, nature in revolt and pestilences. For anyone watching and praying from last year, you would know this has happened, time and again in the USA over the last year. In some quarters I was rejected and my message from the Lord spurned and in some people’s hearts the ‘word‘ was received. Again I have to go through the process to share what the Lord is showing me. Again judge me and if it does not come to pass then ignore the ‘word’ given.

“I see four men in white shirts and short hair coming into the President’s office at the White House and start to remove his furniture and the pictures from the wall. The President is surprised. He then calls 911 and he calls for the military to assist him. They come and stop the white shirts from removing the furniture. I see soldiers come and remove the protesting white shirts even though the white shirts plead innocence and that they are just doing their duty. There is now a group of soldiers guarding the door to the office of the President and it seems like they want to and will protect the President against his own nation and security.”

“I see a round table meeting. The President and a number of high powered people are at this meeting. The numbers include Politicians and business people. All are concerned that the President remains in office. They are trying to create a scenario where the Presidency is maintained. I see a dark man with a dark look over his eyes make this suggestion in a slow and calculated voice: “ Let the warriors out of the tunnels and let them create violence in the cities and then people will beg for  Marshall law.” There is an agreement and the word is given: “Go and do.”

“I am standing on top of a three story building. There is an intersection a short way from me. There is a bistro or coffee shop at the intersection. I see a metal plate lift from the street and a man jumps out the man hole and throws something into the coffee shop. I see the man ‘quick walk’ in the opposite direction and then from within the coffee shop there is an explosion. Glass and material shoot out and litter the tables and the street. People are knocked down and many run from the scene, screaming and crying, with blood flowing from their wounds.”

“I see a righteous ruler come. He is riding on a white horse and with the help of the true patriotic military he will take back power from the President who will be shamed into obscurity.

He will fight to win back the heart of America and because the Lord is on his side he will succeed even when his task was thought to be impossible. Camps prepared for the Christians, Jews and objectors will then become a transient housing facility for those deemed to be enemies of the new state. Those who refuse to assimilate into the new Americas will be sent from these camps back to their lands of their origin”

I see a great struggle as the new guard war with the old guard to take power back but this time for the people. Because of the division and war in the USA I see it split in two into an East and a West America. I see Washington diminish and wane and I see the Lord stripping it of all its world power. It will rule over a few states and will have very little world influence. Power will move to the West and West America will become a voice for the people and in the affairs of global politics. A new white house will be established in the heart of wealth in the west.

I hear myself ask the Lord what is happening?

I believe this is the interpretation.

The white shirts are the righteous rulers who will try and impeach the President. While the process is happening he will call ‘his people’ to help him declare Marshall Law. When in the corner he will fight back. He will do the unthinkable because he and his cronies have no regard for the American constitution. He will make this declaration on the insistence of others. His military within the military will protect him and try and force the declaration.  From advice of an evil co-ruler he will cause destruction in some cities with bombs and terrorist attacks to chase the people to him to cause the people to agree to Marshall Law. But it is the President who orders go and do. He betrays his own people. I see the violence in the streets as planned by the round table counsel.

Then there comes the righteous ruler who rides on the wings of the prayers of the Saints. He and the military depose the President and begin a war to clear out those who have striven against the people of America. He fights over the heart of America that is where his biggest battles will be. At times it will seem impossible but he serves the God of the impossible who will aid him to victory. Many will be imprisoned and sent back to their birth lands because of their treachery and refusal to assimilate into mainstream America.

It will eventually be easier to isolate Washington than to war with all those who are running and ruling this diminishing power. The new state, West America, will simply become more powerful politically and economically and this will ruin the credibility and influence of Washington. The old guard and its power has begun to wane and will never be the same again. I see a new President’s palace and a new house for Government built on a hill high above a city. The man in the white horse I get a word is a man from Arkansas. He has been given the choice. If he does not take up the calling God will raise someone else. This new righteous ruler will be prayed for and fought for in the Spirit.