A new look at Jesus

A New look at Jesus

For many folk at this time this period of great financial instability has become ‘trial of our faith.’ This is a rough and dangerous time and many ask the question: Why is this happening to us? What we fail to do is take seriously the warnings in scripture that we are in the last days and the spirit of the ‘anti-christ’ (lying spirit) has been released on the world. The time for spiritual warfare has begun. I think few believers have understood the absolute necessity to go into spiritual warfare to survive such dangerous events. Most believers are like the servant of the prophet. They can see the Syrian armies but cannot see into the spiritual world. They have no clue of what goes on in the spirit.

We have an enemy; Islam; that has followers that spend hours, days and even months, cursing Christians and their activities in the West. We are not even aware of this danger and many live in denial that it doesn’t exist. Some in their naivety can’t believe it is true. Most of these naive believers are in the West and have not seen what we have seen in Africa. Ephesians 6 and the putting on the armor of God are not taken seriously. When businesses and good health, collapse amongst foolish believers, they in their ignorance, blame God for their ill fortune, or claim it is God’s will. Never do they see the enemy Satan as the destroyer, who comes to rob, steal and destroy. He is such a malicious creature and the onus is on you to resist (resist evil) him or pay the consequences. Listen to what their religious leaders say about the Christians in the West.

‘Allah has responded to the supplication of the oppressed people. It is the curse that hits every arrogant power and people.’ Sheik Mohammed Ali al-Jouso. Mufti of Mount Lebanon.

We the believers need to put on the full armor daily and cover ourselves with ‘precious Blood of the Lamb.’ The consequences of not doing it, means you expose yourself to the destroying lying spirit of the ‘anti-christ.’ It is time you started to practice spiritual warfare. Isaiah 54: v 17

Jesus will never leave you or turn his back on you. Let us be frank, at this time in our history you need Jesus like never before. Whatever the world throws at you, you have some one who sticks with you and will always be on your side. He is greater than any adversity or trial that might come your way. Jesus still sees you as the darlings of his heart and although you sometimes find it hard to see his love and care for you in adversity, he is always there encouraging you to go on and to walk a little longer, because he is there. He is right next to you and right now, if you will listen, you will begin to discern that he is downloading solutions to your problems, into your spirit.
Hebrews 13: v 5.

Jesus is your helper. I want you to look at Jesus and embrace him in a different way. He is the harbor for the weary soul. Old harbors were built not only to provide provisions for soldier and ship, but they were used to protect the sailor and ship from rough winds and dangerous seas. When you run to Him, He becomes your harbor, to protect you from the animosity found in the world. He is the one that you can pour your hearts out to and speak to, about the frustrations and difficulties you face on a daily basis.
He can encourage you, because he understands and is aware of your infirmities and sorrows because he was acquainted with sorrows and grief and faced similar situations. Hebrews 13: v 6.

Jesus always sends you divine help. Jesus covers you with his wings. When David wrote about this covering, he was describing the reflection of the Cherubim’s wings against the Tabernacle wall at night. We know that Jesus does not have wings but he sends us these divine Angelic beings to lead you, to protect you and to give you solutions to the problems you face. The world has no access to these powerful Angels, but you who are heirs with Christ have a covenant right, to their activity in your life. If you wait on the Lord they will come and deliver you from evil. You are divinely protected, and they will come and assist you in times of stress. Hebrews 1:14.

Jesus departs to you divine energy. Jesus will always impart to you divine energy and wisdom. You need to get alone with him and call for a fresh impartation of the power of the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus can give you that. At times of so much pressure, it is only this refilling of power from on high that will renew you and refresh you. If you do not get this new touch from the Lord, you will lose and you will be weakened by the daily stress you face. You need fresh wisdom and strength so that you can face the new challenges that constantly confront you. Go to him and drink in his divine life and strength. John 7: 38.

Jesus is forever yours and you are for eternity his. Jesus is your faithful life partner. He is a brother that sticks closer to you that any other. He is a father to the orphan and a husband to the widows. Even when you go through the winter of your soul, the world can never prove that He is unfaithful to you and to the ‘Word’ declared over you. He has committed himself to you. You are the Darling of his soul, the apple of his eye.
John 15: v 15.

Jesus pleads your case. Jesus is our intercessor and he constantly pleads before the Father for you. He pleads your cause before the Throne daily and carries your tears in a bottle and has your name engraved on the palms of his hands. At this time there is a neither a cry nor tear that you have shed that he does not know about and care about. He cares for you. If you have up to now halfheartedly served him and you have never sat at his feet worshiping him, now is the time to change your hard heart. Because He cares for you come and give praise and worship at his feet. Bless him and give Him thanks for all the positive blessings you have received from his hand. Lamentations 3: v 58.

Jesus is calling you to come declare your love for him at this time. It is time to turn on your love for him. It is time to woo him and draw his attention to you and your plight. In the time of weakness and adversity you must woo him with praise and words of adoration. Jesus loves to hear from you words of intimacy from your lips. Declare who he is to his face. Tell him that he is the Lord, Master, King of Kings, Son of God etc, and when you declare your love to him this way he will respond to you and bring you solutions to the problems that you face. If you are weak declare that you are strong.
If you are poor declare that you are rich. If you feel you are lost declare the Good Shepherd will leave the ninety nine that are safe and that he will come and seek you out.
Acts 16: v 25, 26.

Jesus calls you to maintain your joy in adversity. Because of this credit crunch I have become a real moaner. I have also been rebuked. So I have revalued my reactions and begun to look for the Kingdom principles that will assist me at this time. I sense the Lord wants you and me to maintain our joy. If we do not bankruptcy will be our plight and our situation will not improve. In the King James Bible the lack of joy in the hearts of men and woman is the reason for total devastation. When Paul and Silas were in the dark damp jail it was only after praising and singing songs unto the Lord did the earthquake come that set them free from the chains that kept them bound. Deliverance will come to you when you begin to sing and shout for joy. Job 1: v 20. Joel 1: v 12.