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We hold daily seminars on 'Spiritual Warfare' 'The Prophetic Ministry' and on 'How to preach.' We will come to you and minister in your church or community. The work manuals cost and we take up a collection for the team. Contact us for more details.

Spiritual Warfare/Prophetic Intercession

The need to intercede and supplicate. The purpose of intercession. How to pray for churches, communities, cities , countries.
What we pray for and what we pray against. How to pray for Angelic help. How to seek the ‘face of the Lord’ and how to
enter into His presence. Prophetic Intercession.Declaring victory from the Throne.
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Church in the Garage

A new revelation about home church. The Heavenly Father's new strategy. Meeting the believer's needs. Developing new ministry. Homecalling
the lost to salvation. How to release the Holy Spirit. Rights and responsibilities of the believer. Sharing of resources.
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Israel build your Temple

Israel and the last Temple. The call to build the Temple. God's desire and the Temple. Shiloh and the Temple. The trees and the Temple. The
Temple Park. The glory and the Temple. The great deceiver and the Temple. The final gathering and the Temple.
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Keepers of the Storehouse

The divine call. Surviving circumstances you cannot change. Enriching 'Potiphars'. Turning the prison into a palace. How to rule from Pharaoh's throne.
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Millionaires of the Bible

Adam the foolish millionaire. Abraham the committed millionaire. Isaac the praying millionaire. Jacob the dreaming millionaire. Joseph the
serving millionaire.
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Receiving Miracles

The necessity of receiving miracles. God wants to bless you. Using faith and the word to bring miracles. Using the power of praise to bring
miracles. Tapping God's unlimited source for miracles.
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The Prophetic Ministry

The Prophetic Ministry - the only way. The basic principles of the Prophetic Ministry. Prophetic Ministry and water supply. The ministry principles of the
Prophetic Ministry.
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